Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

In September a group of us Rebels venture over to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains for a three day and night stay. Eureka Springs is an old mountain town with a somewhat checkered history. Almost every weekend you can find something happening in Eureka Springs. We go for the annual Antique Automobile Festival. On Saturday at 11:00 A.M. the parade of antique cars start from Pine Mountain parking lot. Above are some of the parade entries. This year a group of special interest vehicles was also in the parade. Ferrari!!!
We have stayed at the same motel now for about 7 years and have become friends with the owners. Last summer they took us over to see the property where they were planning to build a new home. This summer we visited the home. BEAUTIFUL VIEW!!! As they said they "bought a view and built a house." The view of the valley is from their back deck. It is ground level at the front of the house but about three storie to the ground from the deck.